About Kera

Kera Lynn is a SAG eligible actress, a model, 7 and 0 cage fighter, and the CEO of Kerasmatic Wellness kerasmaticwellness.com. She is the body double of Amber Heard in Aqua man, has been featured on Baywatch, ballers, had a lead role on Discovery Channel, “Truth is stranger then Florida”, and she had been the lead actress in many indie films, imdb.com/name/nm8011949/. Modeling has brought Kera all over the United States, Europe, Australia, and Fiji. Kera Lynn is an Aries born April 10th, 1995 in Oceanside California. Passionate, Fiery, and very unique.

She is in the process of building, Kerasmatic Wellness Healing and Animal Sanctuary Resort and spa, near Destin FL, and she travels with her 3 pups, Dixie, Sid, and Koda, and her Sulfur crested Cockatoo, Charlie. Kera Lynn has a very spiritual presence in life, not only her beauty, but her personality will not fail to inspire you.

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