Twisted Mystery

My mamma taught me to be strong,
My daddy taught me what was wrong.
My momma workin’ hours long,
My daddy never showed.

When I was eighteen, I headed for Biloxi,
With a guy I didn’t know, in my Pontiac we hit the road.
I got fired and dropped out of school,
You might think, oh what a fool.
But oh boy, was it fun.

Seventeen hours on the road, lookin’ out over that Gulf Coast.
You can bet I questioned twice,
But what else am I supposed to do with my life?
We pull up there’s no electricity,
Floor was sunk, we had a couch to sleep.
A couple acres, and grass knee-deep,
The most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.
December first, it was eighty degrees,
That was something new to me.

Lookin’ up at that clear blue sky,
I learned patience for the first time in my life.
I’ve been in the city, I’ve lived in the woods,
I can’t say any of it was good.
But oh boy, was it fun.

Lookin’ back and all I see, is steppin’ stones, a twisted mystery.
Make every day something new, don’t forget in the end, it’s all for you.
He wasn’t quite what I was lookin’ for, I packed my car and drove forty hours more.

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